StreetPong is a concept about playful urban interactions. The starting point was the problem of waiting for a long time at pedestrian traffic lights. StreetPong can be played during the red phase at traffic light on a touchscreen display. The opponent can be anyone on the other side of the street who is also waiting to cross the street. The game itself is based on the classic arcade game 'Pong' published in 1972. Due to its high popularity this game is very well suited to be understood and played in a short period of time. Looking at each other across the street and engaging in a game creates contact. Thus StreetPong provides a platform for communication and interaction among people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

The StreetPong story started with the visualisation of a project idea which was intended as a course achivement for a class Sandro Engel and Holger Michel were taking at the HAWK Hildesheim (urban interactions with Prof. Wölfer). After the video had gained rapidly in popularity on the Internet and traditional media the game is now being installed at a pedestrian traffic light in Hildesheim. For the technical realization Amelie Künzler and That-Khoa Ton were taken on board. In cooperation with SWARCO, the city of Hildesheim and the HAWK Hildesheim a prototype is currently developed.



Sandro Engel generated and developed the idea of StreetPong.
Studies Digital Media and Graphic Design at the HAWK Hildesheim.
Loves to make graffiti and is 3D/digital artist.


Amelie Künzler develops the case and is a supportive member for the realization of StreetPong.
Studies Product Design at the HAWK Hildesheim.
Passionate about jazz music and craftsmanship.



The HAWK is a University of Applied Sciences and Arts based in Hildesheim, Holzminden and Göttingen. The project StreetPong was born at the HAWK Hildesheim in the class "urban interactions" of Professor Wölwer. With the president of the HAWK, Prof. Dr. Christiane Dienel, we´ve got help for the organization and the finical support for the concept realization.


Over the past four decades SWARCO has developed into a one-stop shop for products, systems, services and solutions for road safety and traffic management. The SWARCO Group offers a market-leading program in the fields of urban and interurban traffic management, including energy-saving LED traffic lights, intersection control, adaptive control of traffic flows, highway and tunnel guidance systems, and LED-based street lighting. SWARCO helps us to develop the case for StreetPong.


On the basis of many years of experience RTB develops and distributes innovative solutions for street traffic. RTB places the greatest value on user-friendliness, quality and design of its products. The main parts for the 'StreetPong-case' are delivered from RTB, in addition to the expert knowledge.


Hildesheim is a city in northern Germany, near Hannover. Our mayor, Kurt Machens, provides us the traffic light where the first StreetPong game is going to be installed. Furthermore the city government supports our project financially.



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